How to get divinity destiny 2

There are many powerful weapons to obtain in the expansive world of Destiny 2, but the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle stands out from the others. Due to its extraordinary qualities, this weapon is widely sought after and a necessity for any serious Guardian. This extensive game guide will examine every step involved in How to get divinity destiny 2 in the simplest way possible.

The Quest Begins: Divine Fragmentation

You must first complete the Divine Fragmentation task before starting your quest to get the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle.

  • After successfully completing the raid on the Moon’s Garden of Salvation, this mission becomes accessible.
  • Go to the Lunar Battlegrounds and navigate the subterranean network until you come to a big, cavernous area with a massive Vex gate at the back.
  • Take the Exotic engram that drops after you defeat the tough Vex boss Zeteon, Redemptive Mind.
  • The Divine Fragmentation quest will begin when this engram is activated.

How to get divinity destiny 2

Step 1: Analyzing Vex Cores on Nessus

Analyzing Vex Cores in three separate Lost Sectors on Nessus is the first phase of the Divine Fragmentation quest.

  1. The Orrery
  2. Ancient Haunt
  3. The Conflux

Look out for Vex Cores, which are bright white Vex constructions, as you explore these Lost Sectors. To obtain important intelligence and wipe out any opponents that spawn, interact with these Cores.

How to get divinity destiny 2

Step 2: Gathering Sol Divisive Parts

  • After that, you’ll need to collect Sol Divisive Parts by taking out Vex foes in the Garden of Salvation raid or the Moon’s Vex Offensives.
  • To continue, you will require a total of 120 Sol Divisive Components.
  • To gather the required components, enter the raid or the Vex Offensives and unleash your firepower on the Vex.

Step 3: Empowering the Decryption Core

You must go to Eris Morn and use the Lectern of Enchantment to activate the Decryption Core. 30 Phantasmal Fragments are needed for this phase, which can be acquired either by buying them from the Lectern or farming Nightmare opponents. As soon as you obtain the Pieces, you can exchange them for the Enhanced Decryption Core at the Lectern.

Step 4: Conquering Garden of Salvation Puzzles

Solving the challenges in the Garden of Salvation raid is the last and most difficult stage of obtaining the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle. These puzzles demand precision, cooperation, and a strong sense of coordination. The raid contains a number of secret rooms, each with a unique challenge that must be solved using the light tether mechanic. It is strongly advised to use a visual guide or join a fireteam knowledgeable in raid dynamics because these challenges can be challenging. After solving every problem, travel through the raid and take out the toughest opponent to earn your well-earned Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle.

How to get divinity destiny 2

The Power of divinity destiny 2

You can now completely unleash the power of the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle on your opponents since you have it in your possession. This weapon is highly powerful against Champions affected by Disruption Overload because it does prolonged damage, weakens, and stuns foes. Grandmaster Nightfalls, raids, and dungeons, among other high-end content, benefit greatly from its special skills. Use your divine strength to overcome the upcoming obstacles.


In Destiny 2, finding the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle is a difficult yet worthwhile quest. Every step you take, from examining Vex Cores to solving challenging raid riddles, puts you one step closer to discovering this weapon’s incredible power. The Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle is an essential weapon for any Guardian looking to control the battlefield due to its sustained damage and capacity to weaken and paralyze foes. Equip yourself with this legendary weapon to demonstrate the true strength of light against the forces of darkness.
Keep in mind that although getting the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle requires a difficult trip, the benefits are well worth the trouble. Now assemble your team, hone your abilities, and go out on this incredible journey to win the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle for yourself.

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