As you progress through the main campaign of Starfield, you’ll discover that there are Starborn powers you can collect. There are 24 Starborn powers in Starfield, but which power is the best? In this guide, I’ll break down what the best powers are in Starfield.

Note: If you’re still starting out, might I suggest checking out what the best starter skills are in Starfield.

Top 5 powers in Starfield

  1. Particle Beam
  2. Gravity Wave
  3. Parallel Self
  4. Void Form
  5. Reactive Shield

The best power in Starfield is Particle Beam because it does an incredible amount of damage to anything in front of you and it’s relatively cheap. I love Gravity Wave because it’s Fus Ro Dah in Starfield which is as good as it sounds.

Inner Demon might be a better power at the beginning of the game, but once you get great weapons and armor, Parallel Self is better because you clone yourself which helps to deal more damage and reduce your incoming damage. Void Form is great, especially for the best stealth build, as it makes you completely invisible. Finally, Reactive Shield is great for mitigating damage and maybe dealing some back.

If you’re not sure how to get powers in Starfield, all you need to do is follow the main campaign (and possibly continue making progress in NG+). Talk to Vladimir to get information on where more temples are. The more temples you complete, the more powers you’ll get until you eventually unlock them all.

Starfield powers tier list

There are a lot of great powers in Starfield — some are used for combat while others aren’t. In general, here are the best powers in Starfield ranked in a tier list.

S-Tier powers in Starfield

  • Particle Beam – Shoot a beam of pure particle energy that deals high amounts of damage to enemies in front of you. Costs 45.
  • Gravity Wave– Launches a gravity wave in a cone ahead of you that staggers and knocks down enemies. Costs 25.
  • Parallel Self– Summon another version of you from an alternate dimension for a duration. Costs 45.
  • Void Form– Warp the light around you, becoming nearly invisible for a duration. Costs 45.
  • Reactive Shield– Envelop yourself in a metastable shell of antimatter that reflects projectiles and increases your resistance to attacks. Costs 35.
  • Solar Flare– Emit an intense burst of solar energy that damages enemies and can set them ablaze. Costs 25.

The S-Tier powers in Starfield are those that are the best in combat.

A-Tier powers in Starfield

  • Alien Reanimation– Resurrects a dead alien to fight alongside you for a duration. Costs 35.
  • Sense Star Stuff– Channel the power to detect all life around you for a duration. Costs 15.
  • Personal Atmosphere– Create a small area of unlimited oxygen around you for a duration. Costs 45.
  • Inner Demon– Force an enemy to confront their inner demons, creating a mirror image of themselves that attacks them. Costs 35.
  • Supernova– Explode with the power of a supernova in an area around you, dealing massive damage. Costs 45.
  • Creators’ Peace– Pacifies all enemies in an area and disarms them for a duration. Costs 25.
  • Anti-Gravity Field– Creates an area of anti-gravity that also paralyzes enemies caught in it. Costs 45.
  • Sunless Space– Shoot a ball of ice as cold as space into an area, freezing any living being caught in the blast for a duration. Costs 35.
  • Precognition – Look into the multiverse and visualize the future actions of actors, conversational and otherwise. Costs 35.

The A-Tier powers in Starfield aren’t as useful in combat or are useful out-of-combat options. One of my personal favorites is Personal Atmosphere for when I get encumbered.

B-Tier powers in Starfield

  • Gravity Well– Create an area of dense gravity that pulls in and crushes everything and everyone in it. Costs 45.
  • Create Vacuum – Cut the O2 supply of targets in the area for a duration. Costs 25.
  • Elemental Pull– Blasts inorganic resources in an area around you and pulls them towards you. Costs 25.
  • Phased Time– Phase through the normal flow of time and slow down the universe for a duration. Costs 45.
  • Life Forced– Drain the life force out of a living being and transfer it to yourself. Costs 25.

The B-Tier powers in Starfield are just okay. They can be useful, but there are better options.

C-Tier powers in Starfield

  • Grav Dash– Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, and briefly increase any damage you inflict. Costs 15.
  • Eternal Harvest– Regrows flora that has been harvested in a large area around you. Costs 25.
  • Moon Form– Become as strong as stone, rooting yourself in place and increasing your resistance to all damages greatly. Costs 35.

The C-Tier powers in Starfield are ones I would say to avoid. They aren’t very useful in or out of combat.

D-Tier powers in Starfield

  • Earthbound– Change the gravity around you to Earth gravity levels for a duration. Costs 15.

Earthbound is the only D-Tier power in Starfield because it is absolutely useless.

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